What Our Organizing Process Consists Of

One of the very first questions we hear from our clients or interested potential clients is, "What exactly can I expect when I hire The Neat Nest to organize my home?" This is a great question that we answer in this way:

Even though each project is different, the basic outline of how we organize remains the same with every client.

We first start our process with the initial consultation (which is free of charge). This just gives us an opportunity to come take a look at the space and see what needs to be done there. During the consultation, we ask the client if they have any expectations for the space or particular requests with placement of items. We also ask the client whether or not they would like additional shelving or bins purchased, or if they would like for us to simply use what they already have in the space. (The latter is just as okay for us! We understand that clients are working with different budgets and goals!) If the client does want shelving set up in the space, we measure out the dimensions of the room.

When the actual organizing process begins, we start by clearing out the space as much as possible. This gives us an opportunity to start with a blank slate. We then clean the space out—sweep/vacuum the floors, dust, and wipe down any hard surfaces. If the client chose to have shelving installed or built, we set that all up.

Next, we sort all the items in the space into different categories. Once everything is sorted, we give the client the opportunity to go through the different "piles" and purge of any unwanted items. The remaining things we neatly place back into the space. Sometimes, a client will want everything that was in the room to be placed back in, but more often than not, they will go through the piles and realize they have multiples of some items, items that they no longer need or use, or items that they want elsewhere in their house.

Once everything has been placed in its intended spot, we attach custom labels onto every bin/container. Not only do these labels help make the space look more "put-together", but it also sets the client up for success for the future. Everything is much easier to find and put away if it has a label attached to it!

Before leaving, we go through the space with our client and show them where everything is. We also explain how we put everything away so that they can replicate it in the future and keep the space organized.

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